"YOUNG TREY"  born Treyvon Green from Los Angeles, California. Young Trey has a well known reputation among his peers as a producer who helped shape and define the west coast G-Funk sound. Young Trey has worked  and produced some of hip hops greatest contributors, his credits include the legendary  Ice Cube, Mack 10, WC, Fat Joe & Big Pun (rip), ODB, CJ Mac, and many more. He's the official DJ for Mack 10 and has also been a key producer for creating several hit singles with Mack 10. Young Trey is what the music industry calls an "all around " producer, his production can be heard in Sync productions and in movies. Young Trey's credits includes  production for the Coca Cola brand Sprite, and he has made his mark as a hit maker for block-buster films and movie soundtracks. You can find his music in "Blood Diamonds" and  in the movie"O". Young Trey has also expanded his talents to acting, and you can find him acting in a movie titled "Dead Homiez".

Young Trey production work and credits are part of hip hop history, he's production includes "Call 911", and "Out the Pocket" for The Westside Connection, He's produced a slew of hits for Mack 10 on the following albums "Ghetto Gutter & Gangster", "Mack 10 Presents: Da Hood", "Based on a True Story", The Recipe", and "the Paper Rout". Young Trey has also been a key factor in providing production for the legendary MC Eght of Compton's Most Wanted, and so many more.

Young Trey is set to release music as an artist, and will continue to produce music for artist, movies, and networks.


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